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I am a former minister and once part of denominational Christianity, and now am simply a minister without a formal fancy title who teaches and speaks from the scriptures using scripture to interpret itself with the goal of helping others to form a solid foundation and relationship with God through his Son Yeshua Messiah (Christ Jesus) without having to go through a priest, pastor, elder body, or leadership which in many cases tend to teach traditions or church doctrine instead of the bible without interpolation.

I also work alongside another group dealing with the subject of spiritual abuse, substance abuse and many other topics on https://askjacqueline.life/ however this site is dedicated to my personal ministry to help others lay aside the books of men, the doctrines and traditions of the church and return to the Bible, and when the time comes to get out of Babylon to help those who are in her to recognize it. I hope that the Bible will become the focal point and that we all can become like little children and consider the bible from the context, culture and original meaning, and to consider it without long-held doctrinal views and traditions of men that blind even the most sincere followers of Yeshua.

I do not strive to teach you a view, but to teach you to view the scriptures, and though I have my own thoughts on things I will not tell you what to believe, only what I believe and why, and allow you to make your own decision and while I may do much of the work in order to present these matters I hope you will find the desire to pick up the sword of God, and to prepare for battle since the war has already begun and we are being called to put on the whole armor of God and fight, as the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one. There is a call and a dividing apart and a separating the people of God from the children of the deceiver, if you have heard the call and the spirit is moving you to stand against all that opposes God and his law in this world of lawlessness then pray for the sealing and the mark of the King of kings and Lord of lords.

I too am a sinner and no better than you, a former pagan as well as a drunkard, anti-Christ seeking only his own desires, I was moved to give up that life and come to serve the true master, stumbling many times thereafter and learning many things in which I strive to teach others that they may avoid the many pitfalls offered by religion and pride. A sinner of great proportion, each day is a trial just to take another step, I follow the footsteps of the Messiah who is the only way to the Father and the only way to salvation, the only way, truth, and the life. His commands are pure and his ways just and obedience is the only task of men that matter. I hope to help and not harm, I hope to plant or water seeds and to help others where I have been helped.


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  1. I went over to Berean to look and it is great . Your mobile podcast ministry adds a real life dimension as these are recent recordings done live.
    What a blessing.

  2. Lee I like the Link page for Bereanbible.net.
    Can you make a link out page to your site on berean if you have time. Also do we have a link page for you on askjacqueline?

  3. Bro. Lee Anthony:
    What a stirring call to action!!!
    May YHWH bless your ministry, you and your family.
    Bro. Dave

    • Lee Anthony what a beautiful and inspiring mission statement!
      I look forward to reading and participating in your discussions.
      Perhaps you could send out a mass email to all the others on the Thursday night group. I will tell some about you on a few pages so they can link out.

      May God bless you in this seeking after him with others.

      Your sister in Christ. Jacqueline.

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