Comparative Christian Studies Live Class

Comparative Christian Studies
Comparative Christian Studies

(The class is scheduled to begin between May and June)

Are you interested in learning more about the numerous doctrines of Christianity that have divided the faith over the centuries? Have you ever wondered why a faith that shares the same holy text and calls for a United body of adherents has been so broken down?

Comparative Christian Studies is a hands-on course that requires each student to interact with one another. Dialogue is necessary and the ability to be impartial will go a long way. Each student will learn about the unique lens through which they view the world. Our interpretations are a result of our culture, religious traditions, social location, and more. We all have a bias that affects our understanding of scripture and the paradigm we embrace determines the way we understand the text. While it may be difficult to be fully objective it is possible to curve our subjectivity by becoming more aware of our own bias so we can do our best to be less dogmatic, and consider other paradigms. 

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  • Each class will take place on Zoom. You do not need an internet connection, however, it is recommended to get the most out of the course.

  • Each class will be a small group consisting of 4-8 students. The course will run a total of 32 hours for 16 weeks.

The scheduled class times will likely run on Saturday, Sunday, or an evening during the week depending on the availability of the students. You can learn more about the class at the link above. Any questions you have can be addressed to Lee Anthony at