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Bible talk ministries is not affiliated with any religious organization. We are not Protestant, or Catholic. We are not Hebrew roots or Messianic. We teach from a Hebraic heritage perspective. We understand the genesis of our faith dates back to the Genesis account. We study scripture in context according to the cultural setting, spoken language of the time and the historical background in which it was written. We rely on scripture as the foundation of our faith, searching out all things in-depth to be certain of that which we practice and teach. Our ultimate goal is to help any who desire to study, apply, and live the word of God and to become like Yeshua (Jesus) in developing fruits befitting one that would claim the name ”Christian.” (Matt. 3:7-10)(Matt. 16:24-28)

Statement of faith:

We do not have the traditional statement of faith. We worship only יהוה the God of Abraham, the God of Israel. We recognize Yeshua as the Messiah (Christ Jesus) and as the only mediator between יהוה God and men.

We believe in, teach from, and do our best to live by every word of God.

A bit about Lee Anthony:

I am a minister and once part of denominational Christianity. I teach using scripture with the goal of helping others to form a solid foundation of faith in God the Father through his Son Yeshua Messiah. (Christ Jesus)

I maintain that we do not need to go through a priest, pastor, elder body, or reverand, but only through Messiah Yeshua. While order in the congregation is necessary, we can all come together and contribute to the building up of the body as a body is supposed to function as one. Preventing those who may have the gift of teaching or preaching from doing so because of their lack of secular seminary education, can be contrary to the spirit of God, and detrimental to the well being of the fellowship.

A bit about Bible Talk Ministries:

We assist those who have been abused spiritually. We call it spiritual abuse, a.k.a. religious trauma syndrome. Abuse takes on many forms, this is perhaps one of the most dangerous forms of abuse.

Here is a link to another ministry who deals primarily with the problem of spiritual abuse. https://askjacqueline.life/

This site is dedicated to my personal ministry to help others lay aside the doctrines and traditions of the church, and to recognize the doctrines of men as that are taught as commands of God. I hope the scriptures can become the focal point for all, and that we can all become like little children and trust the word of our Father as true and by looking to him for our faith instead of those who claim to speak for him or in place of him. I hope more followers of the Way will begin to view the scriptures from the context, culture, and original meaning, considering them without long-held doctrinal views and traditions of men that blind even the most sincere followers of Yeshua.

Scripture Study goals:

I do not strive to teach you a view, but to teach you to view the scriptures. I will not tell you what to believe, only what I believe and why, and allow you to make your own decision.

I hope you will find the desire to pick up the sword of God and to prepare for battle since the war has already begun and we are being called to put on the whole armor of God and fight, as the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one. There is a calling out, dividing apart and a separating of the people of God from the children of the deceiver. If you have heard the call and the spirit is moving you to stand against all that opposes God and his standards in this world of lawlessness then pray for the sealing and the mark of the King of kings and Lord of lords.

My Religious experience:

I was once a pagan, with no belief in God, let alone faith. I was fully a part of the world and its ways. I was moved to give up my old life and come to serve Yeshua. Within a few years I had already earned a position in the congregation as a full-time minister, and I let pride take its hold. Blinded by doctrines of men and religious error, stumbling many times, I veered off the path. With God's help I overcame and returned to the love I had at first. I learned many things during these trials, all of which I strive to teach others that they may avoid the many pitfalls offered by religion and pride. I Live in a body of flesh, and like everyone else, am hindered by its desires. I aim to daily disregard the flesh, rule over sin, and let the spirit lead. A slave no longer to the evil inclination, I strive to follow the footsteps of the Messiah who is the only way to the Father, the only way, truth and the life.

 I hope to help and not harm. I hope to plant or water seeds and to help others where I have been helped.


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  1. Hello,
    Yes God created all things and they were very good according to the Genesis creation account. Once Adam and Eve fell into disobedience, two things occurred according to scripture. 1. They now had the knowledge of both good and evil. (Gen.3:22) 2. As God warned, they would die. As a result, sin entered the world and death spread to all, (Rom. 5:12,19) because mankind now had knowledge of evil, and therefore could choose wrong the whole world by the time of Noah was filled with violence and corruption. There are numerous beliefs as to how it all works but scripture tells the story for us, most of the time interpretation isn’t needed. Hope this answered your question.

  2. Hello! Got a question on your thought of Genesis 6:11. Genesis 1:1 says God created the earth and in 6:11 says earth was also corrupt before God? and the earth was filled with violence

  3. Why does God forgive some and not forgive others, when both have confessed their sins and repented?

    • Hello, thanks for the question. Is there a particular instance in scripture that leads to your question? I ask since not all accept the same holy writings. According to that which we at bible talk accept the answer can be found in (1 John 1:7-9) But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Yeshua his Son cleanses us from all sin.
       If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.
      If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

      So when anyone who has this faith in Messiah that has repented and made confession are forgiven and cleansed according to these verses.
      There are instances where sins such as blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is mentioned as unforgivable (mark 12:31) and Yeshua also says that if we do not forgive others their transgressions then we will not in turn be forgiven ours (Matt. 6:14-15) These are a couple examples of when we may willfully sin in rebellion against God or our fellow man after having been forgiven, specifically insulting the spirit of grace by discarding the blood of the covenant and acting as if we are free to sin after being forgiven. (Heb. 10:26-31) Many do not accept this as possible but to believe this way is to disregard the word of God as many who choose tradition over scripture. I include the verses for careful consideration of these points so no one thinks I speak of my own understanding.
      God is a God of Love but is also one of justice and he has never allowed willful sin and therefore rebellion amongst his set apart people.
      But for all who are truly repentant and have indeed confessed and turned to God for forgiveness through the atoning blood of Messiah there is nothing to worry about.

      Hopefully this helps.
      Lee Anthony

    • In 1 Samuel 15:24-25, Saul openly admitted to Samuel that he had sinned, and asked Samuel to pardon his sins, but the prophet Samuel said to Saul “God has rejected him as king over Israel,” and his reign would be taken away.” I couldn’t find a scripture that states that Saul was forgiven, but in 1 Samuel 31:12-13, Saul’s body was burned and buried, along with his sons. I thought that kings, who were pleasing to God were given a burial and wicked kings were desecrated. In 2 kings 21:5-9, Manasseh was a wicked king, who practiced idolatry, divination, sacrificed his children through the fire, and led the people of Israel to act wickedly. Yet, in 2 Chronicles 33:18-19, Manasseh pleaded with God in prayer and this moved God to forgive. I assume he was forgiven because, in 2 Chronicles 33:20, it states that “Manasseh slept with his ancestors and was buried at his own house.” Since both were kings, and both did things that were wrong in the eyes of God, why was Manasseh forgiven, but Saul wasn’t?

      • An interesting question, I can give a couple of thoughts. Considering the scriptures on the matter of repentance, while he acknowledges his sin he asks forgiveness of Samuel but not of God, he even calls God Samuels God not his own in (1 Sam 15:30-31) Sauls repentance seems to be a false repentance in contrast to Manasseh. Saul over and again is directly disobedient to the instructions of God (1 Sam. 13:13-14)(1 Sam. 15:9;22-23) I think ( 1 Chron. 10:13) sums it up that Saul did not truly seek God in humility or with an actual change of heart, Sauls confession seems more like a man caught in a crime knowing he was wrong but not one desiring to come clean in order to please God, he seemed more interested in pleasing men not God, in himself and his own way not Gods. ( 1 Sam 15:30) Consider men like Ahab (1 kings 21:27-29) and yes Manasseh (2 Chro. 33:12-13), all seem to stand out from Saul in that they truly repented, turned away from their own way to God and in humilty they each went directly to God, Saul did none of these. Based on the verses cited and from reading some into this these are my thoughts. Hopefully they are helpful.
        Lee Anthony

  4. Please explain the significance of Noah pitching a tent (after the flood) and lying naked inside of it.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Anonymous and welcome,
      A good question and a tough one, this is a part of scripture in chapters 9 and 10 of Genesis that can seem a bit odd and there are many views on all these things but I will try my best to explain it a bit. There are always reasons God puts things in the Bible that seem like extra information like the fact that Noah Got drunk from wine he himself made in the new world. I like to point out that God calls Noah Righteous (Gen 7:1) yet here we have Noah drunk and passed out naked. The Bible always portrays men as they are, flaws and all, personal failings and the like. Our righteousness before God is not dependent on us, it is dependent on God alone. I like to think that this part of the story is there for that reason at least in part. The result of Ham finding him naked and going on to tell his brothers leads to a very significant chapter 10 known as the table of nations since everyone on earth comes from Noah and his sons. The curse and the blessings in the story can help with understanding much in the Bible about different nations such as canann or shemites through whom comes the Semitic peoples.. There are a lot of thoughts on what happened in the tent or what Ham uncovering his fathers nakedness means…. Many think this meant he had relations with him or his mother since this is actually an idom used in the Bible meaning have relations or worse take a woman without consent in this case his mother. However it does not always mean to have relations, depending on context it can mean exactly what it says and I think it’s safe to say that the context here is that Ham simply saw his father naked and ran to tell his brothers about it, the text says 1st of all he fell asleep this way, and that Ham went to tell his brothers, and they backed in and covered him and they made sure they didn’t see him as did Ham. Considering God calls Noah righteouss, Ham should have showed honor to his father and quietly covered him up instead of running to tell his brothers and making known Noahs sin. He shows dishonor here to Noah his father and also a man of God and he seems to try and involve others for whatever reason.

      Their are many patterns and parallels in the Bible and one about Noah and Adam fit here I think. For example Adam and Noah are both given dominion over earth, both are blessed by God and told to fill the earth, both tend a garden of sorts, both partake of fruit from the garden and as a result fall into sin, both have their nakedness uncovered as a result of partaking of the fruit of the garden they tended (a vineyard in Noahs case), both result in curses being placed on others, and both have a son through whom the line of righteousness that would produce the Messiah would come. These are just a few and I added them in because recognizing these patterns in Gods word can help us understand future events and prophecies and also can just be very interesting and helpful for understanding God the Father.

      I hope this helps and answers your question or at least helps you along the way in figuring things out.

    • Hello Anonymous and welcome,
      I won’t pretend to understand what your going through because I don’t suffer from depression However, my wife does suffer from depression and has expressed the same thoughts as you in the past. Often we are told to pray to God and read the Bible when going through difficult times, and I do believe that God’s word, along with praying to Him, gives us hope and comfort, but sometimes a person may suffer from severe depression and need help from a counselor or a support group. Though I don’t know you, since your comment sounded similar to my wife’s experience, and she too suffers from depression, I thought I would share. My wife has been prescribed various antidepressant medications, and has been to counseling, unfortunately with little success, they just made her feel worse. From what my wife says, the only true relief has come from having a close relationship with God. For her, this meant not only reading the Bible, but praying to God for help in understanding Gods words and also reflecting on what God was revealing to her about His character, and trusting that He will continue to comfort and care for her. Of course, this took some time, but eventually she began to feel better and to this day does very well with no medicine at all. We have a set weekly reading that we list every Friday that is a good way to read through the Bible a bit at a time, we also have a weekly Bible study and a support group meeting as well that all are welcome to join. That info can be found on the menu at Berean Bible Fellowship.

  5. For All who listen a new podcast on Babylon the Great has been made available on our site as well as YouTube page. Please check it out if interested this is a result of months of work and study. Thanks

    • To all who listen and visit our site, we have been releasing new audio each week on our weekly torah reading, our new audio Bible page and a new podcast was released today on SIN and the bibles definition of it. This will be a 2 or 3 part talk and I will warn that it may ruffle some feathers, my intention is to try and be as clear as possible on what the scriptures as a whole tell us while discarding All traditions and doctrinal bias and teachings of men with it’s denominational jargon. Keep in mind our reason for being is to lead all people where possible to Gods word or back to Gods word in some cases and away from the traditions and commentaries of men, like MESSIAH did when on earth he often spoke out against the common views and teachings of his day and tried pulling the people back to the Word of God. Thank you all for listening.

    • For all who listen, last week we mentioned some of our new audio available now and that our new podcast on what scripture says about SIN is available. This is an update on part 2 as I had intended to release it this week however we are running behind dealing with other matters unfortunately so the new scheduled release of part 2 is now tentatively any day after tomorrow up to but prior to the Sabbath next week. Thanks Lee

    • Welcome, I personally use a number of bibles in my studies from KJV to ESV, NASB and a number of literal translations like young’s, and I generally refer to the original Greek and Hebrew to get the sense of a word or verse that the English tends to fall short on. As for what I enjoy reading, I use The Hebrew names version, the English standard, the complete Jewish and the New or old king James.
      Thanks for your comment

  6. I went over to Berean to look and it is great . Your mobile podcast ministry adds a real life dimension as these are recent recordings done live.
    What a blessing.

  7. Lee I like the Link page for Bereanbible.net.
    Can you make a link out page to your site on berean if you have time. Also do we have a link page for you on askjacqueline?

  8. Br. Lee.. Your site looks good. May Jehovah and his Son bless the work you are undertaking.

  9. Bro. Lee Anthony:
    What a stirring call to action!!!
    May YHWH bless your ministry, you and your family.
    Bro. Dave

    • Lee Anthony what a beautiful and inspiring mission statement!
      I look forward to reading and participating in your discussions.
      Perhaps you could send out a mass email to all the others on the Thursday night group. I will tell some about you on a few pages so they can link out.

      May God bless you in this seeking after him with others.

      Your sister in Christ. Jacqueline.

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