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Questions about the Bible? Ask Here!

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Do you have questions about the Scriptures? Your paradigm determines how you read and interpret the text. Are you tied to a denominational creed or statement of faith? Do you believe only what you are told in the doctrine of your church?

The questions you ask are often more important than any answer you may think you have found. We can help you discover your paradigm and then you can rediscover the scriptures and grow in your faith.

The text is like a river which flows ever onward and doctrines are like a dam put in place by men in an attempt to control the flow. God’s word is fluid and flows free, not according to rigid doctrines and systematic conformity. We will answer all questions using the text according to the culture and language in which it was written taking into consideration the writer, who he was writing to or for, and the overall context as best as we can determine.

The comments section is open to everyone. If you have a personal question please use the contact page to speak to us directly, or submit a question in the form at the bottom of the page.

Here are a few more places to go for some good reading, bible related information, bible apps, other audio teachings and more.

Note: We do not necessarily agree or disagree with any of the following sites however we do feel that they are all places that members of the body of Messiah can go to in order to learn more about God and his word and get more answers to questions about the Bible.



Questions about the bibleMost of the time when people have questions about the Bible they ask their priest, pastor, or Rabbi to help them understand a text. The answers are always given according to the paradigm said teachers have.

One question to ask yourself should be, is this verse being viewed in light of the rest of the chapter or chapters? Are we asking who wrote this and who was it being written to and for what reason? Is prophecy being discussed, or some law or command? The questions go on and on, and while this is not the easiest way, it is always the best way to understand the Bible.

We consider the Bible in the context of the time it was written from the perspective of the writers and their Hebrew cultural lens to answer all questions. History, culture, and the original languages are just some of the considerations we use when studying the word of God. Often the Bible interprets itself and no personal view or interpretive language is needed to gain an accurate understanding of God's word.

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