Support our Ministry

Our current spending:

Site upkeep and maintenance = $400 per year

Advertising = $40 per month

Publishing and related = $100

Support for those in need = 10% of all of our increase.

Goals = 1: To live in full reliance on God while teaching, speaking and serving in whatever way we are able.

2: To have a fund to provide personal and direct donations of food, clothing, money to those who are struggling and are in need especially for those within the body of Messiah.

3. Helping those coming out of high mind control groups to be free, rendering aid throughout the process, working with each individual according to their specific needs.

Also Support us through book purchases: Here!

Message to donors: We are not yet set up officially as a non-profit as this takes time and money we do not yet have.

Until we are setup as a fully operational non-profit all PayPal donations will show the name of our administrator over site: Brandon Eastep

All of our expenses are out of pocket and God certainly helps us to make a little go a long way. Any and all donations to our ministry will go toward the site upkeep and maintenance, and for our family needs as we dedicate most of our time to spiritual activities. Anything more will be for our ministry behind the microphone our bible tracts, advertising and anywhere else we are blessed to serve. Thank you!